SUP Surf

The Halse Lodge Men’s Open is sure to bring a large crowd to Laguna Bay.

With 2x Wild Card tickets into the WSL draw up for grabs you can bet the surfing will be at the highest level!

Competitors :

Ken Williams
Tenzin Wilder
Anthony Spencer
Dane Randall
Hudson Ritchie
Patrick Conklin
Ryan Conklin
Kai Takayama
dongcheon yu
namyeol ryu
robin ponzoni
Bill Arriza
james culhane
Josh Berigan
john demos
JohnPaul Kaleopaa
Kyle Haafkens
Damian Coulter
Dave Babovic
Kio Sato
Joshua Croad
Jesse Jerrems
I Gede Oka Kawan
Cooper Elliott
Riki Kikuchi
Ben David Johnson
Nathan Sadoun
Aaron Howe
Clinton Guest
Isac Lee
shun hieda
Jack Brady
Riley Thomson
Aidan Feeley
Mau Ahhee
Bowie pollard
Nic Brewer
Matt Delahunty
Gabriel Nascimento
Ben Considine
Evan Ledger
Matteo Fabbri
Shohei Ogawa
Kai Sallas
Reilly Stone
Masaya Tsukamoto
Yuta Kajiwara
Ethan Speltz
Maksim Markelov
Peter Brightwell
Zack Flores
Nacho Pignataro
River Covey

  • Heat 1 Time TBC
    Heat 2 Time TBC
    Finals Time TBC

One to Watch

Kaniela Stewart

Hailing from the hallowed 'birthplace' of surfing, Waikiki, Kaniela Stewart has been a stand-out competitor since first hitting our shores a couple of years ago. Recipient of 2018's only perfect 10-point ride and Under 18 defending champion, Kaniela has definitely proved he's got the goods for a big win. A competent competition head backed up with a diverse skill-set could prove a giant-slaying competition in this division of former state, national and world champs.

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